Olivia Marshall

Olivia is currently in our Graduates class and has been a member of Act One Beginners since January 2007.  She has worked her way through Lamda exams to Medal level and participated in all of our shows and showcases, performed in professional pantomime and represented the school in competitive drama festivals many times.  A recipient of many and varied Act One Beginner cups and awards over the years, Olivia is an excellent and loyal student who is now looking to increase her drama knowledge and learn some teaching and communication skills as an assistant in the Advanced Class.



Jake McCallum

Jake joined Act One Beginners 5 years ago and instantly made an impression.  He has won several awards at Act One Beginners and has participated and represented the school in festival.  He is really excited to be head boy and wants to pursue acting in the future.  He is one of 11 students who successfully auditioned to take part in On It Academys screen acting course